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Live Oak Plantation:

     Live Oak Plantation has a very rich history beginning in the late 1600’s when one Thomas Elliott received a land grant from the King of England. Like all plantations in the Charleston area at the time, rice was the staple crop then and for many years after.  Live Oak changed hands throughout the following century and was even owned by Col. William Washington, cousin to George Washington, through marriage to Sarah Elliott. The fields were fallow for many years after the Civil War, but cattle were introduced in the 20th century as the old rice trunks were used to keep the fields dry enough for grazing. 

     Just 15 miles south of Charleston, this, 280 acre treasure was purchased in 1993 by David (pictured to the left with his father, Papa) and Becky Baird, with  their four children: Wills, Jane, Becca, and Boo. David is a practicing general surgeon. He grew up on a small family farm in Darlington, SC and therefore has always felt the tug to return to the soil and cattle.  His wife, Becky, is a practicing obstetrician and is fully engaged with the business as well.  The family are the “employees."

     Our wonderful herd is the result all natural but selective breeding that has led to a lovely balance of docility, hardiness, and carcass quality.  Our cattle have fully utilized their Lowcountry habitat by grazing old rice fields, and other various forages and grasses.


Plum Hill Plantation:

       This 944 acre plantation is located at the heart of one of the largest undeveloped estuaries along the Atlantic coast of the United States: the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto Basin (the ACE Basin). Live Oak Plantation Grass Fed Beef was expanded into this oasis in 2012, where most of the cattle are currently finished.  Also, Bahia and ryegrass hays are seasonally cut at Plum Hill to help support the cattle during the winter months.

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