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live oak BEEF

is on a mission to provide high quality and delicious grass-fed beef in a sustainable, local and humane way.

Live Oak Beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished in the beautiful Lowcountry and ACE Basin regions of South Carolina. Our operation is USDA Grass-fed Beef certified, so you can rest assured that our beef products are top-quality and 100% grass-fed from birth to harvest.

Our closed herd of Gelbvieh and Angus cross-bred cattle graze on bahia and rye grasses as well as old rice fields and other various Lowcountry forages. We do not feed our cattle any grain products, nor do we administer antibiotics, hormones or unnatural supplements to our herd.  Our cattle demonstrate a lovely balance of docility, hardiness, and carcass quality.

See for yourself how good it can feel to support local small businesses, family farms, and a sustainable lifestyle!

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We currently offer several purchasing options:

  • 90% or 80% lean ground beef (20 lb. batches)

  • Shares (a portion of an animal)

  • Premium select cuts, organ meats, briskets (subject to availability)


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Sold out? DOn't have a cow!

We are so fortunate to have local partners carrying our products in their stores around the Lowcountry, so if we're sold out online, be sure to visit our partners and see what they've got in stock!


Are you a local retailer interested in carrying Live Oak Beef? Reach out today about joining the herd!


Grass-fed beef offers many incredible health benefits, especially when locally raised. It contains more vitamins and minerals, omega–3 fatty acids, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than grain-fed beef. These nutrients have been shown to fight a number of diseases and ailments, and they may protect against heart disease,

cancer and diabetes.



Dr. David Baird is a retired general surgeon who practiced for 30 years in Charleston. Talent in the surgical field, a tireless work ethic and compassion for everyone made Dr. Baird a respected champion for his patients and community. He grew up on a small family farm in Darlington, SC and therefore has always felt the tug to return to the soil and cattle. His wife, Becky, is a retired obstetrician and is fully engaged with the business. Their four children, Wills, Jane, Becca, and Boo all grew up working on the family farm.

ABOUT LIVE OAK PLANTATION & plum hill plantation


Just 15 miles south of Charleston, this 280 acre treasure was purchased in 1993 by David and Becky. Live Oak Plantation has a very rich history beginning in the late 1600’s when one Thomas Elliott received a land grant from the King of England. Like all plantations in the Charleston area at the time, rice was the staple crop then and for many years after.  Live Oak changed hands throughout the following century and was even owned by Col. William Washington, cousin to George Washington, through marriage to Sarah Elliott. The fields were fallow for many years after the Civil War, but cattle were introduced in the 20th century as the old rice trunks were used to keep the fields dry enough for grazing. 

In 2012, David expanded the herd to Plum Hill Plantation. This 944 acre property is located about 50 miles south of Charleston in the heart of one of the largest undeveloped estuaries along the Atlantic coast of the United States: the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto Basin (the ACE Basin). This is where most of the cattle are currently finished.  Bahia and ryegrass hays are seasonally cut at Plum Hill to help support the cattle during the winter months.


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